Development and funding of sustainable and social impact investments

Suvions – a financial company funding sustainable and social impact investments.

Suvions finances sustainable projects within renewable energy, climate-neutral construction, and the Healthcare industry.

Sustainable Projects

We lead the projects throughout the entire process, including needs analysis, land access, purchase agreements, program documents, sustainable planning & design, EPC-work, signing of construction contracts, moving in, inauguration, active management, and green permanent improvements

Active BuildingTM

At Suvions we completely implement our Active BuildingTM concept, built in high-rise wooden structure as a new building standard for climate neutrality and to establish joint venture production plants to actualize product localization.

Senior living communities 

One of our main investments is funding luxurious, environment-friendly senior livings. In addition to this, we fund sustainable water, energy, waste, and ventilation projects.

Performance Assurance

Suvions uses its own quality and continuous model to guarantee the best performance of operations & management.